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10:45 集合(福岡市中央区天神)

    ↓バスで移動 (105分).       

12:30 伊万里到着 昼食 @”Forest INN Imari”.

13:30 浴衣着付け教室

14:30  終了


14:47 まちあるき案内人プラス自由時間 @大川内山  

16:00 (和光陶窯青磁香炉 市川さまの和光陶窯を見学)

18:00 終了

     ↓マイクロバスで移動 (約10分) 

18:15  museum(伊萬里まちなか三番館)(伊万里駅から徒歩3分)で早めの夕食

     ↓マイクロバスで移動 (5分)

19:00 伊万里納涼花火大会

20:00 花火打ち上げ開始

21:00 終了

     ↓マイクロバスで移動 (約30分)

21:30 民泊先(山ぼうしさん、和音さん)

10:30 gather at Tenjin bus-terminal.

10:45 leave from Tenjin bus terminal.

    ↓move by bus (about 120 min).       

12:30 arrive at Imari. have a lunch @”Forest INN Imari”.

13:30 lesture of trying on yukata.

※fee: 3,000yen(including lunch and present(wind-bell))

↓move by bus (about 17 min).

14:47 take a walk in O-kawa Uchiyama(大川内山) villege, which is the first place in Japan to produce porcelain.

    (inspect kiln for ceramics).

16:00 visit to “wako-tougama(和光陶窯)” in OkawaUchiyama villege.

18:00 finish

↓move by bus (about 10 min).

18:15 dinner @restaurant "museum", near by Imari station.

19:00 fire work festival, ”Imari Nouryo Firework Festival 伊万里納涼花火大会”.

20:00 start a firework show (~20:45).

2,500 fireworks adom the Imari night sky.

     ↓ move by bus (about 30 min).

21:30 check-in the farm-inn (“和音 waon” or “山ぼうし”).

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